The Grass is Greener Syndrome: Challenges to Being Present

The Deep River Within: Taming Self-Expectations

The Peace of Non-Doing

Taming the Tyranny of the Busy Mind


Keynote Talk, “The DR Within: Reflections on Spiritual Life in a Speed-Obsessed World” at Psychosynthesis Conference 2008

“Balancing Work and Family,” featuring Abby & a Deep River™ Group on NBC’s The Today Show


Two-Minute Pause Exercise
Sometimes just a brief pause is a hectic day can help move us from stress to serenity.
Feel free to listen to this 2-minute centering pause … and use it regularly!

Reliving a Deep River Experience
To dive a little deeper than the brief pause above allows for … Reliving a Deep River Experience is a guided visualization to help you contact the Deep River realm for yourself. (7 minutes)

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